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Current version

The current version is catchXSL! V1.2.1 and it's free. Like previous versions it supports the Java XSLT processors Saxon and Xalan, but it surprises with the following new features:

  • New Swing based gui:catchXSL! has now a graphical user interface for easily creating profiling tasks and with an intuitive representation of the profiling results.
  • Passing parameters to xsl transformations: You can now pass xslt parameters to your transformation.

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The profiler comes as zip-archive including this documentation:

V1.2 [] [840KB] [2002-06-27]
V1.2 / with Saxon 6.5 [] [1400KB] [2002-06-27]
V1.2 / with Xalan-J [] [2800KB] [2002-06-27]
V1.2.1 [] [870KB] [2002-08-01]
V1.2.1 / with Saxon 6.5 [] [1440KB] [2002-08-01]
V1.2.1 / with Xalan-J [] [2370KB] [2002-08-01]

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